Pollença’s Patroness Saint 2017

Pollença’s Patroness Saint 2017

This Wednesday (July 26, 2017) our restaurant is also prepared for the start of the Pollença’s Patroness Saint 2017, with the ringing of bells. There will also be a bandstand . (Place: Monti-sion square) and will finish next Wednesday (August 2) with the “Alborada” in the main square to follow the streets of the village (9.15 am) and the “Moor and Christians “(19.00 pm) The end of Pollença’s Patroness Saint 2017 will be with fireworks (23.30 pm Tanca del Pont Romà). For more information click on the festival program.

About La Fonda

Chef, Juan Reinés, delights us taking the art of dining to new heights: seducing the palate. The carefully chosen selection of produce and exquisite service provided by Araceli Fuster, make it a must for lovers of good food. La Fonda also organizes events offering group menus.

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