Mediterranean cuisine

Because we like it!

If anything sets us apart from many restaurants are undoubtedly our specialties in typical Mallorcan cuisine, among them we could  “Cod with Tumbet” (photo), “Cod in Majorcan style “, “Snails”. Obviously as we said in his day the “Roasted baby goat Mediterranean style” stands out from the rest. So we advise you not to miss the chance to try them out. In short, we are convinced hat tyou will enjoy our dishes like  many of our customers think.

About La Fonda

Chef, Juan Reinés, delights us taking the art of dining to new heights: seducing the palate. The carefully chosen selection of produce and exquisite service provided by Araceli Fuster, make it a must for lovers of good food. La Fonda also organizes events offering group menus.

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